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Take a step towards a Greener Tomorrow with our unmatched quality of kraft paper. With Nikita Papers, enter the world of sustainability with our crafting expertise.

About Us

Nikita Papers: Pioneering Future with Kraft Paper

We are one of the leading manufacturers of recycled kraft paper, unfolding innovation with cutting-edge technology. From local to international markets, our profound team deliver unparalleled quality kraft paper in order to lead our world towards sustainability. With a vision to preserve the beauty of our environment, we are manufacturing kraft paper from 100% recycled waste paper and embracing innovation in every step of the process.

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Kraft Paper

NIPA is a leading manufacturer of kraft paper, meeting the growing demand for high-quality packaging in India and internationally. We prioritize sustainability by using waste paper to produce 100% recycled, high-strength kraft paper. Known for their excellent compression strength, folding resistance, and toughness, even at the lowest GSMs (grams per square meter), our kraft paper are perfect for various packaging needs.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and innovative processes ensure top-tier quality and performance. By combining environmental responsibility with superior product standards, NIPA delivers reliable and robust packaging solutions. We are committed to supporting both customer satisfaction and sustainability, positioning ourselves as a trusted leader in the kraft paper industry.

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