Quality Policy


ISO The company has successfully achieved ISO certifications to deliver high quality Kraft Papers to cater the needs of the market.

Manufacturing Standards

Continued relatively strong dedication to work and commitment to service have finally led us to emerge as one of the leaders. With years of experience in close tolerance machining & tight quality control standards eventually led to producing high quality waste based papers. To keep up with increasing modernization of the paper industry, our R & D professionals have been putting great efforts for developing high quality waste based papers in India.


Environment Environmental issues are the major concern for survival of any pulp and paper industry. Any expansion or green field project is based on environmental friendly technologies.
In present market where awareness towards the environmental protection is increasing day by day, viability of any environmental friendly concept is more important.
Proper arrangement is made to maximize recycling of process water which will reduce fresh water consumption and generation of total quantity of effluent. Effluent treatment plant consists primary and secondary clarifier, aeration tank and sludge drying machine etc. Dust and unburnt Carbon emission are arrested by suitable Dust Collector venture Scrubber.

Environment Environment protection and management are integral part of Nikita Paper's activities. Nikita Paper has taken several measures for protecting the environment in line with its commitment for sustainable development. In its choice of raw materials, sources of energy, and production process, as well as in product development.
The Objective is to minimize the pollution load on environment. In all its business operations Nikita Paper takes social, economic and ecological consideration seriously, Guided by principles of environmental responsibility. Nikita Paper manufacturers and markets papers using materials and process that help minimize waste, conserve resources and protect Earth's bio diversity.
Its unfailing commitment to clean production techniques with minimum pollution load stand industry.

Our Quality Process and Standards
  • Certified by ISO Standards
  • High Inspection Levels
  • Follow Quality Policy Manuals
  • Follow Vigorous Testing Process
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